Food and Beverages

Our fresh vegetable and fruit supply is corresponding to foreign standards, the flavour of the Hungarian seasonal goods is unique, and it can hardly cannot be defeated. Besides national bakeries, we make an offer of 40 types of fresh German and frozen, French (Delifrance), Belgian (Gourmand) and Hungarian bakery products in different taste.
In addition to the international standard goods, national specialities are also (Gundel pancakes, ground pepper, granulated dry pasta made from flour and eggs, strudels.).

We also take the guests into special consideration who are vegetarians or sensitive to food, glutein, lactose. etc.

We refill Co2 bottles (which differ from the Hungarian standard) without replacement.

Hotel products

International brands of cleaning fluid and agents are also available and accessible in Hungary. There are goods made of plastic, paper and textile, sanitary and ornamental commodities, which are indispensable for daily operation.