We heard from our partners

Fresh vegetable, fruit and bakery commodities are necessary. We do not refuse outstanding Hungarian foodstuff. Hungarian tenderloin is fresh, more economical than Argentine frosted one, in addition, its price is more favourable. Our requirements are punctuality, and followable and predictable method as well as food security.

Nothing can be calculated in advance and all the time. Unscheduled situations and problems may occur. We desire to offer steady service during the whole journey. We do not like saying 'No' to the passenger as our guests' satisfaction is inevitable for us.

Sometimes the loading is imperfect. Too much stock is impossible because of the lack of space.

Our main supplier needs to be from Kiel for delivery, therefore, I would order it from local. We must pay attention to many directions, local help is advantageous.

We refuse risk and kindly cooperate with any partner who has experience in this business.